Project Overview

The proposed Lime Rock Valley Specific Plan consists of 800 residential units, 314 acres of open space and 14 acres of park land.  It contains no commercial uses.  The Specific Plan concentrates development in strategic locations and preserves large portions for open space.  Lime Rock Valley will be compatible with neighboring developments, including the proposed Village of Marble Valley to the west, Cameron Estates to the north, Royal Equestrian Estates to the south, and Milton Estates to the east.  The Specific Plan will preserve and enhance the natural characteristics and historical elements of the valley, including Deer Creek and mining artifacts.  The project will also integrate into the anticipated traffic flow through Marble Valley, and connect to the El Dorado Trail system.


The proposed project includes significant open space and active recreational areas that exceed the requirements of the El Dorado County General Plan and El Dorado Hills Community Services District (Park District).


The proposed transportation system is based on access provided through the proposed Village of Marble Valley Specific Plan to the west.  Except for possible emergency vehicle access, traffic will not travel through the existing neighboring subdivisions of Cameron Estates, Royal Equestrian Estates or Milton Estates.


A major highlight of the master plan is the approximately 314 acres of permanent parks and natural open spaces devoted to the preservation of oak woodlands, riparian habitat, wildlife corridors, prominent terrain and historic features. Of the 314 acres, 128 contiguous acres are located at the southwestern end of the property and will be set aside as permanent open space.  This area is adjacent to the 500 acres also planned to be preserved as open space at the south end of The Village of Marble Valley property.  This combined 628 acres will be set aside as an important feature for El Dorado County for the future use and enjoyment by generations to come.  The intent is for a non-profit foundation to manage the regional park for the passive recreational enjoyment of walkers, mountain bikers, and equestrian riders.


Single-family residential neighborhoods of custom, semi-custom, and production homes will be clustered on the gently rolling hills preserving large, uninterrupted areas of oak woodlands and riparian habitats.  Individual residential densities range between low density of 2 to 6 units per acre to very low density of 1 to 5 acre estate lots with a total of 800 residential units for the entire 740 acres.


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