Schedule a Project Briefing

Interested parties can learn more about the proposed Lime Rock Valley Specific Plan by attending a project briefing with representatives of G3 Enterprises.  Briefings will include an overview of proposed land uses, design concepts, and public amenities.  Briefings are scheduled at various times and on multiple days to accommodate as many people as possible.  Briefings generally last one hour, with additional time for questions and answers.


Briefings will also include a presentation by Parker Development Company regarding their proposed Village of Marble Valley Specific Plan, which neighbors the Lime Rock Valley Specific Plan.


The project proponents offer the briefings as a source of information for the community; neither the County nor any technical consultants will be present.  The briefings are not official forums for public input.  Any input to be incorporated into the public record should to be addressed to the County.


Briefing Location:

Cameron Park Community Services District

2502 Country Club Drive, Cameron Park




G3 Enterprises and Parker Development Company are interested in all public input.  To ensure adequate space is available, please register each attendee separately.  Additional meeting dates and times will be added to the calendar to meet public interest, if needed.