Proposed Land Use Plan and Land Use Summary


The proposed Lime Rock Valley Specific Plan provides for the development of 426 (57%) of the property's 740 acres.  The 426 developed acres are comprised of 34 acres of roadways and facilities and 392 acres of home sites and community parks.  42% of the developed area will be large estate-type lots, 1 to 5 acres in size.  These estate lots will be located at the perimeter of the property to create a sense of continuity with surrounding developments where 5-acre lots are common.  58% of the developed area will be low density housing, with lots ranging from 1/5 to 1/2 acre in size.  All of the development will be low-density residential, with a gross density of 1.08 homes per acre.


The proposed Lime Rock Valley Specific Plan preserves 314 acres (43%) of the property as public and private open space.  This allows many of the natural characteristic of the property to be maintained and protects the rural feel of El Dorado County.


The following is a video flyover of how the proposed land use plan overlays the current topography.


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 Land Use Summary