Project Vision



The public currently has no access to the beautiful Lime Rock Valley property.  The property has remained largely unused since limestone processing operations ceased in the 1990's.  However, by virtue of the Lime Rock Valley project, the property will be returned to a useful purpose and the public will gain access to portions of the site for new recreational opportunities, including a 14 acre community park, 628 acre regional park (when combined with neighboring Village of Marble Valley Specific Plan) and access to the regional El Dorado Trail system.




G3 Enterprises supports the Gallo family's values of conservation and stewardship. Lime Rock Valley will embody the Gallo family's dedication to the environment by preserving 43% of the site as open space.  Not only will natural features be preserved, but steps taken to preserve the site's history.  The Lime Rock Valley Specific Plan will employ modern planning principles of smart growth, sustainable design, and clustered development, which will preserve large amounts of open space and important wildlife corridors. 



The Lime Rock Valley Specific Plan will integrate with and provide cohesion among surrounding developments.  It is proposed to include primarily gated neighborhoods, with more dense development on the interior and large estate-type lots around the perimeter.  Thus, the Specific Plan will create a natural transition from more dense proposed development to the west to less dense existing development to the north, east, and south.  The Specific Plan is also expected to provide new recreational opportunities where neighbors can come together to enjoy the natural beauty of the site, including a proposed network of trails that will extend and enhance the El Dorado Trail.  Finally, the Specific Plan will incorporate a vineyard theme that will complement a similar theme proposed by the Village of Marble Valley Specific Plan to the west, as well as the broader El Dorado County wine country theme.