G3 Enterprises, Inc. (Project Proponent)

Located in Modesto, California, G3 Enterprises, Inc. is a privately held company, owned by members of the Ernest and Julio Gallo families.  G3 Enterprises' core business is to provide manufactured goods (labels and closures) and services (logistics and winery services) to the wine and spirits industries. 


G3 Enterprises also has a Real Estate Division that supports its other divisions.  The Real Estate Division has developed different types of projects and property throughout California including vineyards, warehouses, industrial and office space, commercial property and mixed use development.  Below is a sampling of G3 Enterprises' real estate projects.



G3 Enterprises, Inc. developed an industrial campus with more that 2,000,000 square feet

of warehouse, office, and commercial space in Modesto, California.  G3 Enterprises' 

headquarters is currently located on this site.



G3 Enterprises, Inc. recently completed restoration of an historic, century-old winery

in Healdsburg, California by repurposing the building to modern office space.  More

information about this restoration can be found here.



G3 Enterprises, Inc.  recently joined with neighboring landowners and the

City of Ceres, California, to develop the West Ceres Specific Plan.  The

specific plan was approved and annexed into the City of Ceres in 2012.



 G3 Enterprises, Inc. owns several wine grape vineyards throughout California. 

Pictured above is the Olson Ranch in Monterey County.



 Adjacent to the G3 Enterprises industrial complex in Modesto, California,

is G3 Plaza, which G3 Enterprises, Inc. developed in 2007.