Application Process

Currently, the majority of the Lime Rock Valley property has a land use designation of Rural Residential (RR) in the Countys 2004 General Plan, which land use designation provides for one dwelling unit per ten acres.  The remaining 120 acres (16%) of the site has a land use designation of Open Space (OS).  Additionally, the property is zoned as residential (RE-10 PD), agricultural (RA-20 and RA-40), and open space.


To achieve the land uses in the proposed Lime Rock Valley Specific Plan, G3 Enterprises, Inc. will submit the following applications: 


  • A General Plan Amendment to modify the RR land use designation to Adopted Plan (AP).  The AP designation is used when specific plans have been prepared and approved by the County.  Please refer to the Land Use Summary for the list of proposed land use designations.


  • A Rezone Application to modify the current zoning to a range of new residential, park and open space zone districts.  A list of the proposed zone districts will be identified in the Draft Specific Plan.


  • A Specific Plan Application for the proposed Lime Rock Valley Specific Plan.


  • Development Agreement


The County has not yet approved any of the above applications.  The Countys approval of each application is discretionary, meaning that the County Board of Supervisors has the power to approve or not approve the project.  Prior to making that decision, the County Planning Commission and County Board of Supervisors will hold public meetings to receive community input.