The Lime Rock Valley Specific Plan is a new planned residential community nestled in the Sierra Nevada foothills in west El Dorado County.  Surrounded on three sides by residential development, Lime Rock Valley comprises 740 acres of rolling hills, grassland, chaparral, and oak woodland. 


For more than a century, Lime Rock Valley was home to a limestone mine that provided ingredients for building materials, cement, and most recently the production of glass wine bottles by Gallo Glass Company.  Today the property is owned by G3 Enterprises, Inc., which in turn is owned by members of the Ernest and Julio Gallo families. 


The Gallo family highly values environmental stewardship and G3 Enterprises envisions developing its property in such a way that restores the property to a useful state while preserving a significant amount of open space and important wildlife corridors.  The planned development will also offer new opportunities for the public to enjoy the beauties of western El Dorado County.   


G3 Enterprises has created this website as a means to provide the public, its neighbors, and interested members of the community with preliminary information about the proposed project.  For complete information about the project, please contact the County of El Dorado.